Coming Soon

Hi, as you may know from the Home page, this is a game that is currently being developed. So, there will be no previews of the game until Elrin is finished. When we, as in the game designing crew, are finished we will post screen shots of the game. But, even though we might post that is is finished, it doesn't mean we are ready to post it onto this site. We have to tweak things and fix glitches or bugs before we can put it here. So don't get so excited or else you will be VERY disappointed when the game isn't on in a month. And also, if you ARE disappointed, don't spam our email inbox with hate mail. We are trying really hard to finish the game and checking out game inbox will be very hard. It'll be very hard to finish the game when we have people screaming at us for not finishing the game. So, please be patient with us and have faith in us. Well, if you want to contact us we will put a page for that. See you later!