Credits are another form of currency in Elrin. They are worth more than Gold, and a Hero can buy more and better items with Credits. A Hero can even bribe NPC's (Non-Player Characters) with Credits in order to do an Special Job. Special Jobs are Jobs that can only be completed using Credits. Exclusively Special Jobs are Jobs that can only be done with 500 or more Credits. The reward for doing Special Jobs - or Exclusively Special Jobs - is great, consisting in large amounts of Gold, expensive weapons, and the like. Your Hero gets 100 free Credits when he or she starts out. Just $10 gets you 100 Credits, which means that 1 Credit is worth 10 cents. You can also receive Credits by hitting benchmarks. Each Hero receives 50 Credits for every 10 levels they gain. The highest level for a Hero is 100.

Some special Races and Classes can only be bought using Credits. Those are called S-Races or S-Classes. Exclusive S-Races and Classes are, as you probably learned from now, worth 500 or more Credits.


Your Hero can have Pets along. They assist in battle. They also make for faithful companions. Your Hero can have up to five Pets in his or her inventory, but only one can come out in battle. Each Pet occupies one Pet Slot in battle. Extra Pet Slots cost a lot, but are usually worth it if you have strong pets (each one costs 500 Credits, so Pet Slots are Exclusive.) Special Classes, such as the Beast Tamer Class, can go to special training grounds for their Pets. Beast Tamers' Pets can also go up higher levels than the usual Pet, whose level limit is 10.