Some people might ask when Elrin will be released. The answer is unsure. We will attempt to upload screenies of the game in progress. Also, Admin slots are open! Admins are automatically Level 80 in the game and have the power to freeze people for scamming, swearing, spamming, etc. If you abuse your post as Admin, then your IP address will be remembered and you WILL BE FROZEN.

3/29/2009 07:54:25 am

Hi, this is Dragonslayer, the co-founder of Elrin. I would really appreciate it if the would-be Admins DO NOT send in multiple requests to become an Admin. Thanks! On a friendlier tone, though, one of my favorite races are elves! There are mini elves, the ones that help Santa around Christmas time; normal elves, smart, speedy, and overall awesome creatures; and bloodelves, the elves that went onto the Devil's side during the War of the Clans. Although they are a perfect race, they are S-Races, meaning that you need to pay 500 credits to get them. That's the price of perfection, though!

4/24/2010 01:09:04 pm



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