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4/5/2009 03:32:29

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5/22/2009 10:59:57

HAHAHAHAHA! you probably know me, but i like to stay in the shadows for now.
P.S. peanut Butter

5/27/2009 09:48:59

Hey, "Quintessence" it's Dana from class. Could you check out the Story of Daikenia. Just click on my name. If you like it could you put it on Elrin? If you do, I'll put Elrin on the Story of Daikenia. Thanks!

5/27/2009 20:54:06

yo Connie. is there any way u can teach me hw to make a pic then wen someone cliks on it, it opens up a window of the website lik u did 2 the ribs on the affliates

Luigi again...
5/27/2009 20:54:59

if u teach me that i will add elrin 2 the ribs site

Ribs Mania
5/28/2009 06:18:17

its me again. quintessence, go 2 www.ribsmania.weebly.com . then go 2 the home page and scroll dwn and look @ the links. can u send me a pic of elrin so i can put it on the site


5/28/2009 20:58:59

but i need a pic of elrin 2 put the pic in the box . wich 1 should i choose!!!!

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7/22/2012 10:55:38

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