Hey there! As you might know from the forum, you can now sign up to become an Admin. Or, if your art skills are amazing, you can become a Co-Concept Artist, under Emily. We have two Admin slots open and one Co-Concept Artist slot open, so hurry up! Admins are automatically Level 80, while Concept and Co-Concept Artists are also automatically Level 80 - if they're not so busy making art!
Plus, if you wish to pre-register, add in on the Comment section if you would like to be a Co-Concept Artist or an Admin. Just a note: if you pre-register, 500 extra Credits will be added to your account - at no expense. For a limited time only! Pre-registering will be ending on January 1st, 2010.

Edit: The pre-registering session has ended.


News from April:

Several pre-registering submissions are here. I would like to say, 'thanks!' to those who have. But please - enter your E-mail so that I can inform you that you have gotten in. You can submit it in the 'Forum' place. A new subject has been added. I am sorry to tell you this inconveniently.

Thank you for your patience with the site.



News from May:
Sorry for the late update, once more. The game developers have finally busted a block down in the designing of the 3D characters. Unfortunately, once the game is actually on the site, it might take several hours for it to download, since the file is large. You might have to download another file before that. Remember, your character must be registered in the database already for the game to function. The actual testing of the game shall commence in the (near) future.
On news regarding our affiliates ... well, go check 'em out! They're pretty rad. We need more Concept Artists; our current one is tiring out, what with a sore wrist and all. Admin spaces are filling up - only several slots left open.
Yay. The trailer will be out when the game is in its 'bugging' stage, when we try to de-bug everything from glitches to any viruses that might have slipped in, and so on. Hopefully there are still people out there. And we really must get our own domain ...




Now that Quintessence has decided to apologize, I guess that I, Dragonslayer, should explain what happened. We went on, er, surprise hiatus for a while, and kind of left all of you hanging like that. We were supposed to put the trailer up May of 2009, and now its almost May of 2010... Well... A new, year; a new start? Um. As of now, we are going to continue the making of Elrin, and the actual game. (Just to tell you, we haven't exactly made a lot of progress during our little hiatus...)
Okay, we're planning to ACTUALLY put the trailer up in May of >2010< (promise.) SORRY FOR ALL OF YOU WHO THOUGHT WE DIED~ IT'S OKAY, WE SURVIVED :)
(No really, we went to go visit Elmin and his Devil buddy, so we could make sure there weren't any copyright issues with them 8D. Believe that story. I command you to.)


It's "Quintessence" ... are you there? It's been a long time since we last spoke, irl or online. I guess it's mostly my fault, and I want to apologize for that.

We were good friends once, I don't know what happened. I don't think you'll ever check this, so that's why I'm posting it here. I want you to see this when you're in a nostalgic mood. So here it is. (It's Feb. 6. 2011, just for reference.) I hope that you don't hate me.

I have no idea what happened, and I'd like to make it up ... I don't know if I did something wrong, or if we just started to drift apart naturally. It's very awkward I feel, and I'm going to break a couple of taboos here and say that I miss your company. I've made new friends, yeah, but they're not quite the same - it's not just our rps, it's not just this site, it's not just these ideas, it's this whole friendship thing that's gone down the drain that makes me angry. Is it because we were sorted into different sections of the school? Is it because I just stopped going online as much? (That's a lie.) Or is it something else? Is it something I did?

Now we both know it'll be very strange if I started talking to you in the halls of our school, so just disregard this little comment ... hey, hit me up on FB some time. Maybe we can regain what we'd lost. (That sounds corny as shit but I don't care right now.) Trust me, I've changed, and not in the best ways, but I try. I don't have a stick rammed three feet up my ass anymore from social justice, which I think is a huge reason why we just stopped talking ... but I think it's definitely all my fault ...

Cupio someday we can speak again like we used to.

- Quintessence