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Elrin: Eclipse of Birth

The Five Great Masters of the Elements, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and the purest form, Quintessence, were the first beings on Elrin. They were granted powers beyond their comprehension by an Angel that came down from the Heavens. Using their combined powers, they made what is known as the Five Continents, and formed Pools and Oceans in the Continents. Elmin, the Master of Quintessence, gave life to our kind, Orcs, the Beasts, Elves, and the such, and so we roamed the Earth. The Five Great Masters established Towns all over Elrin, and they made five Major Cities, named after themselves.

Now, everything was good until one day, Elmin discovered that each Human and the Dragons of the Earth each had an Inner Will that gave them their own Element. The Inner Will was a form of Spirit that rests in the center of the body, the thing that gives you life. There were five kinds of Inner Will: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Quintessence. Elmin became envious of the Humans' and Dragons' Inner Will, for the thought that only the Five Great Masters had some amount of control of the Elements. He told the other Masters of this, but they were delighted and decided to give this generation weapons to be able to become stronger. They even made Magic Banks in which to store magic in.

Furious, Elmin set out to slay every single living thing that possessed this Inner Will. The Devil, who had retreated into the bowels of the Earth because Good was everywhere, seized this opportunity and possessed Elmin, who had a weakness of the heart that was caused by jealousy. The Devil wreaked chaos everywhere, and using the power of Evil and of Elmin's original strength, set out to conquer the world.

However, everywhere in the world there were organizations opposing this. The Four Remaining Masters, as they were now referred to as, had disappeared into the very inner sanctum of the Major Magic Banks, for that was where their homes were. The Quintessence Bank was shut down and is now a crumbling ruin of what used to be a glorious place.

The rebellious organizations had a bunch of scattered names, but they were referred to in general as Clans. Soon enough, though, after the Clans were made, there became rivalry between them. The Devil watched with much amusement as the Clans fought one another, forgetting their original cause. In the end, only four Clans survived in their own bloodshed: the Clans made up of people with the same attribute of Inner Will. The people that had the Quintessence kind of Inner Will quickly disappeared: they had either died out, since the Devil tracked them down first (they were a large threat since that was the strongest kind of Inner Will), or they had joined the Evil ranks of the Devil himself.

Finally, after twenty or so years of watching the Humans bicker amongst themselves, the Devil took action and cast a spell so powerful, along with the Quintessence-users, named Traitors, that made children unable to be born. This spell was cast during an eclipse, the time that Good was weakened because there was no Sun for the day.

But at the last moment, a Hero was born, according to the prophecy. Comical, if you think about it.
A Hero that was destined to slay the Devil, trapping him in Hell ...
... forever.


Magic Banks are pretty much like normal banks, apart from the fact that they store Magic instead of Gold. Magic Banks distribute free Capture Jars every now and then. Confused? Don't worry. Capture Jars are special bottles that allow the Hero to catch Magic. As you all know, the Inner Will of Dragons look like a thick liquid, much like blood, that is the color of the attribute it is. Heroes are able to catch this substance that comes out of Dragons after they have been slew and fill Capture Jars to the brim. You store Capture Jars in Magic Banks, but of course you'll have to pay a small fee as commission.
There are different kinds of Magic Banks. The five major banks - now four, of course - only store their kind of magic. However, it's like growing a stone: you should check up on your Jars every now and then, and find that the Quality of the Magic is stronger. More about that later.
 Don't worry! There are numerous other Magic Banks all over Elrin. Some of these banks are known as 'Scattered Magic Banks', or SMB's for short. These SMBs allow the Hero to store any kind of Magic within the Jar(s), and charge no commission, but the Quality of the Magic does not grow.
What is Quality? Well, as we all know, a forest fire is much more severe than a house on fire. A flood isn't as bad as a tsunami, and so on. The Quality of Magic means how severe it is. The higher level the Dragon that you defeat, the better Quality the Magic will be. If you defeat a small Air Wyvern, for example, the Magic you store in your Capture Jar will have the effect of a harsh breeze.
You can release Magic from the Capture Jars in several ways. Impure Magic is Magic that has just been caught and put in a Capture Jar. Some, like Spellcasters, prefer to cast spells and such by releasing the Magic through a staff or wand. Warriors, who usually don't fight with Magic, can have special swords or spears that allow them to channel Magic and unleash them, surprising their foes.
Spellcasters usually have stronger Magical abilities than Warriors, but Warriors can easily decapitate a Spellcaster that is not paying attention. If you are confused or have any questions, click on the 'Contact Us' link on the navigational bar on top.
Magic Banks are very important to the game!


This is where the 'Home' page is put to good use. Read back on the information there and you'll get the things put on this page.

These are the Stats and such that each Race has, or each Class gives.

Basic Race: the race you choose to be when you are starting out. So far, there is only one that is NOT LIMITED EDITION.
Human: The one and only Basic Race. There may be more Limited Edition Basic Races later on in the game at certain holidays. The stats for them are as follows, out of 100:
Hit Points: 50
Strength: 20
Defense: 25

Speed: 20

Stamina: 30

Intellect: 45

Magic: 25

Willpower: 60

Charm: 30

Silver Scythe: A new limited edition type of Basic Race. These are available in shops for a short amount of time on special events. Check the 'Event' section below for more information. Limited Edition Races are special, as they have no other stats in them apart from the below. The reason is quite simple; as you can train each stat as your character gains more knowledge, experience, and levels, having any of the other stats reduced will seem unfair. Notice the speed stat, though: it's lower since Silver Scythes have claws made of silver and it lags them. The only difference is a slight harder manipulation of the character on the screen.
Hit Points: 60
Strength: 25
Defense: 35
Speed: 15
Stamina: 40

Basic Classes: You get a bonus on your Stats depending on which Class you take.
Warrior: Warriors are the most offensive kind of attackers. They specialize in brute strength, but don't stereotype them with Orcs. They're not all brawn!
Hit Points: +2
Strength: +5
Defense: +3

Speed: +1

Stamina: +2

Intellect: +2

Magic: +1

Willpower: +3

Charm: +1

Spellcaster: Spellcasters focus on their Magic skills. They have amazing mental capability and can attack using Ranged magic to Melee. Whack them with that staff!
Hit Points: +1
Strength: +1

Defense: +1

Speed: +1

Stamina: +2
Intellect: +4
Magic: +5
Willpower: +3
Charm: +2

Archer: Archers use their bows and arrows to deal heavy Range damage to their opponents. Their minds are sharp, like their arrows, but they also like to focus on defense. They use Magic more than the average Warrior, but not so much as a Spellcaster.
Hit Points: +1
Strength: +2
Defense: +1

Speed: +5
Stamina: +1
Intellect: +3
Magic: +2

Willpower: +1

Charm: +2


Half-Breeds are a special kind of Race. In order to become one, a Hero or Heroine would need to drink a special Potion that enables them to mix Races together.
For example, if you are a Human but you have an Elf Card (Cards are the things that gives a Hero the power to change Race and Class. You can have multiple Cards on you at once - there is a small box on the sidebar in the game that displays all of your current Cards), by drinking the potion you can mix your Human Race Card, which is given to the Hero in the start of the game, with the Elf Card. Not only will your character look different, your Stats are changed, and you are able to wield weapons unavailable to both Elves and Humans! Remember, several Cards cost Credits, so choose wisely!


Land in Elrin is precious. However, your character is allowed to purchase land through special Cards. The more expensive land is, the larger area and better plants, seeds, trees, and wildlife will thrive and grow there. Wildlife will be attracted to more expensive pieces of land. Landowners are allowed to rent out land to tenants, who are allowed to share the assets of the land and own a smaller House there. Players are not allowed to own Houses if they do not have land or own part of a piece of land.


Events are things that happen during a time of a year. For example, there are special quests available on Christmas, and even a miniplot. Miniplots are nicknamed Events, hence the title. These are little quests that you can do only during a certain time period and the rewards are great. Events are definitely worth it. Also, new Classes and Races are available on certain Events. For example, the Silver Scythe Race is available during Halloween, as well as the Neko Race. Classes include the Reaper Class on Halloween, and so on.